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Service Parts Inventory Planning & Forecasting

Founded in 1993, Baxter Planning Systems, Inc. offers automated, exception driven, planning software and support for managing service parts inventories.  Prophet by Baxter is web-based software that optimizes all aspects of the service inventory supply chain, including purchasing, repair, forecasting and replenishment. Multi-echelon stock level optimization capabilities ensure that inventories are positioned geographically to meet customer service level requirements. In addition, Prophet by Baxter allows you to deliver to your target fill rate. You can further improve your fill rate performance by using Baxter’s unique service parts hit rate analysis.

The software is scalable, fits any size business, and works with your existing enterprise system. Moreover, Prophet by Baxter is a modular solution, which allows you to deploy only the elements you require. It is easy to use and rapidly deployed.

The financial return on investment is significant, and proven in advance. Baxter Planning Systems reduces inventories and also expenses, such as transportation, personnel and inventory carrying costs. Even more important, Baxter Planning Systems improves fill rates, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
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