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Organization Development
"Service was always a second-class citizen until we put LEADERS in place who had the COURAGE to kick ass & break glass"   Jack Welch
Well run service parts organizations are led by business executives who have the talent to become President of the company. In fact, when General Electric made service parts an important priority for its business, it appointed capable "courageous" leaders. What was the consequence? In five years GE grew its service parts revenues by $11 Billion, or 19% annually!

For many reasons, the service parts organization is the ideal area to appoint and develop high potential executives. Effective service parts leaders: 1) deal with demanding customer needs on a daily basis; 2) must work closely with Channel Partners to grow revenues; 3) regularly interact with all areas of the organization; 4) compete with a broad range of competitors; and 5) are expected to significantly grow profits.

High performing service parts organizations operate as a profit center, and understand that well run service parts businesses requires focus, specialized know-how and leading edge tools. Executive recruiters with specialized service parts know-how can help you develop your organization. Talented supply chain students can build your bench strength.
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