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Service Parts Supply Chain & Logistics
Parts availability is the #1 driver for parts sales, which can be improved by working with a third party logistics company that specializes in service parts. The Foremost Market does not provide supply chain services. Should a company desire such support, we recommend considering UPS®, a global leader in service parts supply chain and logistics. UPS services include:

Turnkey Order Fulfillment  With over 800 locations throughout the world, UPS can position your inventories close to your customer, and handle all aspects of order fulfillment, from inbound stocking, warehousing and shipping.

Inventory Planning  UPS helps you with parts planning, site selection, and replenishment strategies, so the right parts are held at the right locations.  UPS inventory planning strategies minimize your inventories while improving service level performance.

Returns & Recycling Management  UPS improves the efficiency of reverse logistics, and makes it easy for customers and field engineers to make and track returns.   

Technical Services & Repair - UPS also manages the repair of computer parts, and can screen, test, and diagnose critical parts to determine their viability, and arrange for computer refurbishment, return or recycling.
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